Friday, April 25, 2008

15 days to go....

15 days to go until the boys make their arrival....unless they plan an early escape which I am thinking is not going to happen since they seem so comfy in there. It hit me last night that in 15 days I am going to be a Mom!!! How crazy is that. It all just seems so surreal and I still am still looking at my life from outside the window. We are almost ready for them with the house and I just need to order a rug for their bedroom and make a few returns to BRU for some last minute items. We are going to install the carseats this weekend and put together all the strollers and little items to make sure we know what the heck we are doing.

I am feeling a bit usless in all of the physical activities since my movement is so very limited with how big the boys are already plus they are both now laying transverse so I have all their weight on my pelvic and hip bones....not a comfortable feeling at all! I also have hung up my truck keys till these babes arrive for the safety of myself and others. My belly is just to big to be behind a steering wheel and my legs are not long enough for it to be comfortable or safe. Poor DH is now on grocery store duty..something that he does not enjoy at all! I am trying to keep the list as basic as possible but it is just so hard!

So 15 days and counting......till life is totally and completely different....AND I CAN'T WAIT!

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