Sunday, August 10, 2008

3 Months Old Today!!!!!!

Oh how does time fly! This time three months ago our little family was getting to know each other in our hospital room. It is amazing how different our lifes are and how I cannot imagine it any other way. Both boys are doing so well and are getting HUGE! Each one of them is over 13lbs now.

Both boys are super talkative and gurgle and coo like crazy. Colton is now rolling over and Cooper is right behind him. Colton is my serious boy but when he smiles he lights up the room and Cooper is a BIG FLIRT just like his Daddy. Both boys are now only getting up once a night to feed and then go right back to sleep so Mom and Dad are starting to feel wayyyy less sleep deprived!

Here are a few pics from this afternoon....Cooper was not happy with putting on big boy clothes and just wanted to chill but Mommy made him get all dressed up and cute :) and Colton was flirting with the camera today.

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