Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quick Stuffed French Toast

I love to make DH breakfast every morning....yes it is a sick problem of mine for years but i love sending him off with a home cooked meal in his belly and us having enjoyed some time in the morning together. This is a super easy breakfast that takes about two minutes to put together. Once again no acutal measurments....and no finished pictures because he ate them before i could take any!!!!

Quick Stuffed French Toast for 2

8 slices of cinnamon bread

1/2 block of cream cheese

couple dashes of cinnamon

couple dashes of sugar

2 eggs beaten

little bit of milk

splash of vanilla

couple pats of butter

In a small bowl combine the cream cheese, cinnamon and sugar. mix until combined.

In another small bowl combine eggs, milk and vanilla

Lay out four slices of bread and evenly spread the cream cheese mixture ; top with the other four slices.

Heat a saute pan till the butter is melted and bubbly.

Soak each "stuffed" piece of bread on each side in the egg mixture for a least 10-15 seconds. Hold it up and let the excess mix drip off.

Cook until each side is golden brown.

Top with butter and syrup.......yum!

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Beth G. said...

I love stuffed French toast!! That looks delicious :)